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We all know that oat got varieties of nutrients good for our body. Most people don’t like cooking their oats and eating it just like cereals. If you have always wondered what to do do with the old-fashioned oat, then you got to stick around. Oat flour can be used just as other flour such as Almond flour, All-purpose flour etc. What most people don’t know is that out of old-fashioned oat we can blend it out into our desired flour for flexible recipes. The consistency is similar, it is cheap and time effective. All you need to do is to have the old-fashioned oat and high revolutions per minutes (rpm) blender and you are good to go. We Nigerians, always have different soups and desire a healthier staple to go with it. Oat flour can be used just as wheat flour, semovita, garri or pounded yam. It comes out well and smooth. Oat can be used for baking, an option of other flour. I will be guiding you on how to blend your oat into a fine flour.




  • Old-fashioned oats
  • High revolutions per minutes (rpm) blender




  • Place the oats into the bowl of your blender


  • Stop once in a while and shake the oats until they are ground into a smooth consistency (it only takes like a minute or less depending on your blender)


  • During the blending, I used blend button (check picture below).

  • A video of the oat blending.
  • When it’s finely ground, pour it out and store in an airtight container and it should be ready for use.


Use just like other flour!!!

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