How to make Oatmeal fufu

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I absolutely enjoy eating oatmeal fufu, because it’s healthier and got high nutritional value. Previously I wrote an article on how to blend old-fashioned oatmeal into a flour and you can find it here HOW TO MAKE OAT FLOUR

Oatmeal fufu is one of my favorite staples. It is healthy, a good source of fiber and eating oatmeal fufu is a good way to lose weight. Oatmeal is also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Studies showed that oatmeal lowers blood sugar levels, reduced risk of heart disease and may help with constipation.

Oatmeal has a reduced calorie when compared with other staples. Once you prepare your oatmeal fufu, it can go with any soup of your choice such as Ogbono Soup (Draw Soup) or BITTERLEAF SOUP (OFE ONUGBU) or ACHI SOUP WITH UCHAKIRI LEAVES


• 1 measuring cup of oatmeal flour

• Water

• Cooking pot

• Wooden spoon

• ½ teaspoon of olive oil (or vegetable oil)


➢ Pour 2 cups of water into a pot and place on high-medium heat. Add the olive oil (or vegetable oil) and allow the water to boil.

➢ Start adding the oat flour and stir consistently until you get the thickness required.

➢ Lower the heat, cover the pot and allow it for a minute. (You can also add a little water if you feel that it’s too thick).

➢ It’s ready. Serve with any soup of your choice such as Ogbono Soup (Draw Soup)



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