How to make Afang Soup with Spinach leaves

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Afang Soup is one vegetable soup that originates from the Efik tribe in the Southern region of Nigeria. It is a dish popularly known by Nigerians especially if you are dwelling in the southern part of Nigeria and also some parts of Africa. It is one of the main dishes at ceremonies mostly in the southern part of Nigeria. Afang soup is very nutritious and supplies mineral in our body.

Afang soup is one soup, you cannot afford to miss. It is very delicious and with a bunch of shredded vegetables with assorted meats. The vegetables include Okazi and waterleaves.

Now if you stay abroad, you will agree with me that you cannot always lay your hands on all the native ingredients required, such as waterleaves, reason be that waterleaves cannot be dried because of its watery nature, so it can’t be preserved. Thus, for this Afang soup recipe, I used spinach leaves in place of waterleaves and the outcome was amazing.
The vegetables are pounded with mortar to be slippery. You can also utilize a blender to get the same result. You can get okazi leaves in many local markets in Nigeria but if you are staying abroad, it can be bought in the African stores or online. Using periwinkle is not a must, if you like periwinkle and you can get it, fine but if not, you can still make Afang soup without periwinkle.
Author: Dailyfresheat

Prep time: 15 mins

Cook time: 1 hour 10mins

Total time: 1 hour 25 mins



• Beef tripe and cow skin

• 2 stock cubes

• Uziza seed (ground)

• ½ medium onion

• Dry fish

• Stockfish

• ½ cup crayfish

• 1 cooking spoons of red oil

• 250g Okazi leaves

• 450g Spinach leaves

• Salt (to taste)

• Pepper (to taste)



• Soak the dried okazi leaves for about 12minutes.

• Wash the meats and place in a pot. Season with stock cubes, salt, and onions and place on a high heat. Cook until soft.

• Debone the dry fish

• Slice the Spinach leaves and then put aside.

• Wash and drain the water from the vegetables, Beat the okazi leaves in a blender, add a little bit of water to make it workable.

• Once you are done with the okazi leaves, then do the same for the Spinach leaves.

• When the meats are almost soft, then add the stockfish and cook until everything is soft.

• Drain the stock, and leave about 1-2 cups of the stock.

• Add the palm oil, crayfish, pepper, and uziza seed powder and let it boil for 3minutes.

• Add the leaves to the pot and stir. Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes

• Adjust to taste if required.

• Then it’s ready to be served

Serve with Eba, Oatmeal fufu, wheat or cassava fufu.

Author: dailyfresheat

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