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I have always loved to incorporate native or local ingredients to my meal, because of its ability to bring out that natural aroma and elevate my taste bud to a whole new level. Adding local ingredients to your food is an awesome sauce, it is healthy, not only tasteful but also will wake up and revitalize your taste bud.

Going through my archives, I noticed some really appetizing and mouthwatering pictures of native Jollof rice I prepared some months back and that took me back to memory lane.

Obviously, I owe my audience nothing but best😘😘, I decided to share my native Jollof rice recipe with you😂.


How to make Chicken Gizzard Sauce for rice


For this recipe, I used locust bean, dry fish, and palm oil and it can be found in an African store or online if you stay abroad.


• 3 cups of rice

• One medium onion

• One hand full of chickpeas

• 5 tomatoes

• 35 grams of locust bean

• Salt (to taste)

• Dry fish

• Ground cayenne pepper

• Palm oil

• Ginger powder

• Garlic powder

• Ground crayfish

• Spinach leaves

• Seasoning powder


➢ Parboil the rice and set aside.

➢ Wash and slice the fresh tomatoes, place in a pot and place on the heat to dry up the water to make the cooking easier. Once the water is dried, put the tomato down.

➢ Debone the dry fish, break into pieces, wash and set aside.

➢ Chop the onions and set aside.

➢ Chop the spinach leaves too.

➢ Place a pot on a medium heat and add some red oil to it.

➢ Once the palm oil is hot, add the chopped onions, then add the locust bean, then the cooked tomato and stir.

➢ Add the ginger and garlic powder, add the ground pepper and crayfish.

➢ Then the next thing to add it’s the dry fish and allow it to simmer for a minute.

➢ Then add the seasoning powder and salt to taste, then allow to simmer and dry up the water.

➢ Once it’s dried, add a little water, add the parboiled rice, stir to mix up together and cover to cook on medium-low heat.

(The water should be on the same level with the rice).

➢ Once its cooked and dried up, add the chickpeas and spinach, mix together and turn off the heat.

➢ It’s done, serve and enjoy!!!


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