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In eastern Nigeria, specifically Enugu State, farmers, and gardeners usually have enough produce during harvest period. Most individuals farm for their household and some farm to sell to get along or earn a living. Now for household farmers, there are always excesses, but they look for a way to preserve and save the produce.

Okra can be preserved such as most produce, and it’s done by slicing the okra into round little shapes and spreading them under the sunlight for days till it gets dry.

For people traveling abroad and want to maintain using okra from their home country for a moment, dried okra is the way and following the above simple procedure, will gives you the desired result.

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Cooking with dried okra is a bit different from using fresh okra, you have to add okra and allow it to cook for a while to get it soft. For this recipe, I soaked the dried okra with warm water before placing the meat on the heat.

Ogbono soup with dried okra is very tasty and it’s a good way to incorporate okra into your soup. You can either put more of okra and less of Ogbono or add more Ogbono and less okra, either way, it’s your choice.

Learn how to makeHow to make Ogbono Soup (Draw Soup)

Author: Dailyfresheat

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cook time: 40minutes

Total time: 55 minutes


• ¾ measuring cup of Ground Ogbono

• Shaki (beef tripe) meat.

• Dry Fish,

• Stock-fish

• 3 teaspoons of red palm oil

• ½ teaspoon of ground okpeye

• ½ teaspoon of ground uziza seed

• Some ugba (locust bean)

• Spinach or any other vegetable of your choice.

• 1/3 measuring cups of ground crayfish

• Pepper (fresh or ground to taste)

• Salt (to taste)

• 1 medium onion

• 2 stock cubes


➢ Before you start cooking, soak the dried okra with warm water.

➢ Wash the shaki (beef tripe) into a pot, season with salt, ½ onions and stock cubes. Then place on the stove.

➢ When the meat is almost done, wash the stock-fish and add to enable it to cook nicely. (some stock fish cooks faster than others, so depending on the one you are using, be checking and once its soft, bring it out to a plate and set aside).

➢ Debone the Dry fish and wash with hot water and a little salt. Then set aside.

➢ Put the ground Ogbono in a deep plate (preferably stainless plate), and add the palm oil, turn and microwave for 2minutes to melt ahead of time. Melting the Ogbono ahead of time will prevent your soup from having some Ogbono lumps or seed. Then set aside

➢ Cut the vegetables (I like my vegetables little and sliced thinly).

➢ Chop ½ medium onions and set aside.

➢ If you are using fresh pepper, blend and set aside.

➢ Put some water in the kettle and place on the stove. Once it’s boiled, set aside.

➢ Once the meat is done, add the dry fish and let it cook for 2minutes.

➢ Add the ground crayfish, ground uziza seed, ground okpeye, pepper, and cook for 90seconds. The aroma that comes out of these ingredients is wonderful.

➢ Put the stove on a low heat and add the Ogbono. Stir until you will notice the draw and thickness.

➢ Once the Ogbono gets around the meat and the fish, add a little water from the hot water and stir consistently. You can add more water or less depending on the thickness.

➢ Once you get the desired consistency, cover the pot and cook for 3 minutes on medium heat. Stir the continuously before the time elapse.

➢ By this time, drain and add the okra, add the ugba (locust bean), add back the stock-fish and the fresh fish. Then cook for 2minutes.

➢ Add water and adjust taste if necessary

➢ Add the vegetable and some of the chopped onions and turn off the stove. The heat alone will cook the vegetable.

➢ Once your staple is ready, serve. You can serve with Wheat Flour, Oat Flour, Semovita, Eba, Fufu or Pounded Yam.

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Author: dailyfresheat

Hello everyone!! Welcome to my blog, I am a lifestyle and food blogger. I reside in Ohio, United States. Growing up cooking has always been one of my passions. Here I would be taking you on my food journey, creating recipes, learning about different food cultures and making great meals. Hope you stick around.


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