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Egusi is known as melon and the soup is prepared with ground melon seeds. Different people/tribes have a way of preparing their Egusi soup. Egusi soup has different names based on different tribe. This soup is one of the well-known soups and most people’s favorite soups. Most people prepare this soup during different occasions or family gathering.

Egusi soup is being enjoyed with fufu such as Oatmeal fufu, eba, semovita, cassava fufu and so on. This recipe here is one of the ways that I prepare my Egusi soup. For this recipe, I used dried bitterleaf, so I soaked it ahead of time.


• Ground Egusi (Melon) 300g

• 1 cooking spoon of palm oil

•Shaki (beef tripe)

• Dry Fish

• Stock Fish

• 2 tsp ground crayfish

• Pepper (to taste)

• Salt (to taste)

• Medium onions

• One handful of bitter leaves

• 2 stock cubes

• Ground okpeye

• Ground uziza seed

• Locust bean

How to make Okra soup without Palm oil


• Wash the meat into the pot and place on the heat. Wash the stockfish thoroughly with hot water and put in the pot to cook with meat. Once the stock-fish is soft, take it out, place on a plate and allow the meat to cook.

• Shaki (beef tripe), it’s usually strong, so I usually allow it to cook half done, before adding the stock cube, salt, and onions.

• Wash the bitterleaf and place in pot to boil and eradicate the bitter taste while it gets soft.

• Debone and wash the dryfish with hot water and salt, then set aside.

• Once the meat is done, add the dryfish, the ground okpeye, ground uziza ground crayfish and pepper and allow to cook for few minutes.

• Add the palm oil and stir. Add the ground egusi and stir, add some water If the meat stock is not enough to give you an average consistency, stir and allow to cook till the egusi begins to show some cakes. Stir and add a little bit of water.

• Don’t leave the pot, to avoid burning the soup. Add more water if required and cook for about 10minutes, until the palm oil comes on top of the egusi.

• Add the locust bean, the soft washed bitterleaf and stir. Add back the cooked stock-fish, stir and bring to boil for about 5minutes.

• Adjust the taste if required.

• Turn off the heat and serve with Oatmeal fufu, Eba, semovita and any other fufu you care to use.





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