How to make garden egg sauce ( Two Methods)

… whetting your taste bud, one meal at a time.

Hi there! I will be sharing with you two amazing and simple methods of making your garden egg sauce. So far these are the best methods and the processes are straight forward.

Now if have never tried garden egg sauce, it’s a must try. Trust me you will come back with a testimonyšŸ¤£. Preparing this sauce is so easy. It’s healthy and comes with loads of nutrients.

Garden eggs promotes weight loss, it’s rich in antioxidants, it’s rich in vitamin B, it promotes healthy bone, help in digestion and more.

I had to use palm oil in the second method. I twisted up the recipe a bit and the result is unbelievable. I added carrot and mushrooms, it’s so fantastic. Both recipes are amazing. My honest opinion, try both recipes, there’s something so heavenly about themšŸ„°

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