How to make Potato Porridge

….whetting your taste buds one meal at a time. Do you know that you can make potato porridge? Most of us that grew up in Nigeria know about Yam porridge and how flavorful and yummy it is. Potato porridge can as well give you the same result just like yam porridge. […]

How to make Oatmeal fufu

…whetting your taste bud one meal at a time I absolutely enjoy eating oatmeal fufu, because it’s healthier and got high nutritional value. Previously I wrote an article on how to blend old-fashioned oatmeal into a flour and you can find it here HOW TO MAKE OAT FLOUR

How to prepare Abacha (African Salad)

…whetting your taste bud one meal at a time. A friend ones told me; I have missed your Abacha and that alone sounded amazing to me and brought back some good memories🙋😊. I immediately remembered preparing Abacha and taking some nice pictures, hoping to share them with you all one […]


……whetting your taste bud one meal at a time.  We all know that oat got varieties of nutrients good for our body. Most people don’t like cooking their oats and eating it just like cereals. If you have always wondered what to do do with the old-fashioned oat, then you […]


…whetting your taste bud one meal at a time. Tilapia is good for you and the recipe is easy and makes the taste so unique. It’s one meal that you and your family will want to try. It has high protein content, it is good for kids as well. They […]